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Did you know that:






That’s quite a beautiful, big, big natural number!



That’s 3,2 x 10                      

Or: almost 34 million light-years! (really 33,8)

From here to NGC-1023!




                                                          11                                                                 -24

(and also: 1 / 0.00729740052840723098    = 0.000000000000000000000003125 or 3,125     )







And comes very close to the fine-structure constant!

(which is at the moment: 137,035999074)


Well…..I read about the constant is maybe not constant…………


So what’s against this value above?…..



How did I get to this number?


I made a horizontal cut through the 3 quarks (icosahedron’s)

After that, I tried to draw the picture and made some (imperfect)



The triangle in the middle of the cistercium (the doubleau in the middle) had r length of  3,2 ; that’s what I got measured.





r  =  3,2

R =  9,900599... 

So, no big deal….


But if I make:      r = 3,19827162 cm

                          R becomes 9,89979 cm.


Why  3,19827162 ?

Because the volume of the sphere around the triangle becomes:


 137,035999074 !


To translate this to the construction of the 3 quarks, the tetrahedrons have to be formed as "separate" tetrahedrons (with  gap in-between)

like this:




Trying to become more specific:



If the volume  = 137.02812998400948



then r of the sphere       = 3.1982104689738676213820803482




137.02812998400948     = 319.821.


Almost close!


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