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I realise the values mentioned can't be measured all time in a perfect balance.


If you have a circle with radius 10 exactly, then pi*e*phi won't fit,

or if you have volume 1381.976 exact, the formula 2/(3-Phi) aint't right



But what if as it is a non-rigid, fluent model?


A model which is balancing between this values?

Or vibrating, pulsating?


Then, for instance, the diameter would change between, say,  13.65 and 13.81976...

not giving an exact value all the time.

The 7 isn't all the time exact 7



I can imagine myself a model fibrating between these values and not ever being to be determined in steady state.


Like photographing an airplane and so not knowing it's speed


filming an airplane and not knowing it's exact place.



Well, I'm just trying to make some "ordo ab chaos" of my findings.


Maybe others can fullfill this.


Thanks for looking.
















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