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It's not an egg-shape!


It looks like a Reuleaux tetrahedron

(or a Meissner body) !



But not quite:


The 3 circles are not drawn with the vertices of the triangle in the centerpoints of them!




These circles come from the surrounding triangles

with edges ~7



It will give probably (if I'm right!) the perfect bending of the pi-, e- and phi-lines!!




This means something!

What is it good for? I don't know!




Look at:


The Pifie Spheroform!







1- maybe this helps to solve/proof the

    conjecture of Meissner. 


2- I still hold on to the possibility that Pi in 3D (for

    the volume) is 3.1419...

    Which means that the figures would slightly differ  


3- The edges are somewhat 4.14...

    They end in the circle of infinity so this could also

    be an irrational and/or transcendental figure. 

    Could it be possible that: 

     the value is 4.1415...(or 4.1419...)

    which would mean:

                                  Pi + 1 !?

     (but this is wishful thinking!) 


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