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  • Quarks-divided

    12 janvier 2013

    latest links for mobiles: http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/The_other_way_round--8270872.html http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/back-to-the-first-drawing--8274590.html http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/Ill_be_damned_Its_not_an_egg_but--8274594.html...


    23 août 2013

    I'VE FOUND IT !!!!! The story of "just not Pi" by Joost Gielen Archimedes was too fast A discovery which could not be a discovery after 2000 years of science but... maybe yet is ! Science has made its way through the bush, the swamps, the deserts etc....

  • Quarks-divided

    30 juillet 2012

    The article about quarks-divided : see page English -----> Het artikel van quarks-divided : kijk bij page Nederlands -----> for mobiles: http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/English-7309350.html http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/Nederlands-7309342.html...

  • Quarks divided

    09 avril 2012

    Trefwoord: Quark, proton, neutron, electron, QCD, QED, quantum, physics, boson, lepton, meson, hadron, pion, preon, fermion, nucleon, nucleus, baryon, neutrino, strong-interaction, weak-interaction, gravity, weak-force, gauge, higgs, susy, wimp, particle,...

  • Quarks-divided

    24 août 2012

    new links for mobiles: http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/Trivia--8226188.html http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/419_and_PiePhi--8245110.html http://quarks-divided.over-blog.fr/pages/m/guess-what--8253679.html http://quarks-divided.o...

  • Quarks-divided

    05 juin 2012

    see above for the new directions

  • Quarks divided

    04 juin 2012

    see above