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The last part of the quarkmodel hasn't been discussed yet.


That's the Ordo.




ordo-met-namen.jpg                   and 



Well, the 3 icosahedrons melted together are getting deformed when constructing them with the plastic triangels.


Which gives almost a radius of 6.90988 as told before.


It looks like the Ordo is falling within this sphere/circle (almost) 

It's difficult to measure this accurately, because I can't get measurements inside.

The doubleau (=cistercium) has deformed enormously and so do the 9 abbiettes (the tetrahedrons) of the ordo.

(the 9 abbiettes of the claravallis, pontinia and morimundus, each 3)


If turned around at his axe A-B it creates a sphere with the volume 1381.976..


In drawing almost like this:








You can also say that each tria (morimundus, pontinia, claravallis) forms a circle


which gives a model of the Vesica Pices but in 3D !


(I can't draw that!) 









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