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If my calculations are somewhat right then....


the line YZ is 3.6286464418 by a given edge of 4.19 (which can be calculated more precisely I think)


It means that the line YX = 3.2982904377



But wait a minute....that's the radius of the sphere with volume 150 !!




proof pi-e-phi related 



So ...


with Pi, e and Phi we can construct a point of infinity

and a circle of infinity

which gives a radius of  ~3.2982904 in the triangle

which is the radius of the volume of sphere 150

which is related to the sphere with radius 6.90951... 

which gives the diameter of 13.81976....

which is my pi*e*phi

which has a relation to DNA






this is for me definitely proof that


Pi , e and Phi are related!




















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