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 I can't deny the beauty of my find!




a sphere with    volume    : 1381.903735654648... which is 100x

              the diameter    : 13.81903735654648...

which is (almost) exact     : pi * e * phi


and a beautiful, simple formula, easy to understand!


with a circle with exact area of 150

and thus a volume-surface  of 600


plus a radius of 6.90951867827 that gives a relation with DNA,

where a ratio is found of 0.6909 (J.Cl.Perez)


and then the significant ratios between the 3 circles...





what's the problem?



The problem is that it's almost impossible that pi isn't 3.141592653.......


With al those mathematicians, formula's, computers, algorithmes etc. etc.




did I find 3.1419239494.... in this context ?








what is wrong?



I tried to figure that out.


I asked myself: what's the difference between the classic Pi and my Pi find?


I only could find 1......


The classic Pi is based upon the ratio of the circumference and the diameter.


In my calculations..........................  I didn't use the circumference!





what can we do with that?


The only thing I can imagine is that there are 2 Pi's !!


One for the ratio circumference / diameter


 One for relation volume / diameter







Could it be possible that the volume can't be exactly measured with the classic Pi?

Could there be a deviation ................

If so,

what is the reason for this deviation......


I don't know.



But if this could be possible then:


Pi for the ratio circumference / diameter would be:


for example:

the Plouffe formula:




                             or for schools: pi   =   355/113




and for the volume:






 Oké, nice try?



                 The perfect spere - The perfect ball



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