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Do you remember this picture (3 quarks after one another):


a-b distance 3 quarks


The distance between A and B is somewhat around 13,6.

I can't measure it very well (I have to do it with a saté-pick!)


The triangels I used are 7 x 7 x 7 cm.


IF: we blow-up the construction by about 2mm for instance then the distance A-B would become 13,817580227...


That means it is: Pi * Phi * e !        



It also means that the triangels would become 7,1 x 7,1 x 7,1 or something like that.


The triangel in the middle would stay the same.


See this picture: (wich, by the way, comes in the neighbourhood of a Reuleaux-triangle)reuleauxtriangle.jpg


tekening met cijfers




If thus the 3 quarks are a bit blown up, the R would become maybe 10!




So in overall:


the triangle in the middle from the cistercium (the doubleau)



has a sphere with a volume at the value of α  = 137,035999


the circumsphere from the cirkel around the 3 quarks is 10 (maybe)


the distance from the axe between the 3 quarks is Pi x Phi x e

(3,141592653589... x 1,6180339887.... x 2,71828182845905... = 13,817580226750....)




and  bol-lijn

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