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By googling with the numbers 6.909 / 0.6909 / 13.81976 / 13.81758 /pi*e*phi

I didn’t get much hits and/or information.


Finally, I came to the site http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com/mathematics-of-dna/

And from there to the sites of Jean-Claude Perez, who has found a golden ratio in DNA-sequences.


The ratio of 0.690983, by Perez translated in     3-phigedeelddoor2.gif




is almost the same ratio as I did find.


Also a ratio found by Perez is the opposite:   2gedeelddoor3-phi.gif





Look for his findings at:


"Codon populations in single-stranded whole human genome DNA Are fractal and fine-tuned by the Golden Ratio 1.618."




his book: Codex Biogenetics



or http://golden-ratio-in-dna.blogspot.fr/






Another interesting find on google was the philosophical and mathematical essay about Alfa , Pi*e*Phi (13.81758) from Dr. Zanglis.


Look at: http://www.flightboat.net/documents/Book%20Zagklis%20all%20Lock.pdf


(English text further in the document)







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